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Drug Addiction Intervention

What is an intervention?

An Intervention is a loving and respectful, yet firm and organized, presentation of compelling facts by family members, friends, colleagues and others who have personally seen a clear and destructive downward spiral caused by alcohol and/or drugs in a person they love. This united group is strongly convinced they can no longer accept and stand idly by while the person they love destroys his or her life and perhaps others along with them. The goal then, of an intervention, is to have the person agree to accept immediate professional help for a serious alcohol and/or drug problem.

The Intervention process begins when a concerned person, or persons, has seen enough and decides action must be taken because a life, family, marriage, career, health, finances or freedom may be in jeopardy as a result of problems with alcohol and/or drugs. From this point on, by following a closely orchestrated and comprehensive plan of intervention, the individual we love and are terribly concerned about can soon begin treatment and recovery from the serious disease of alcoholism or addiction.

The process utilized in an intervention is unique to each family and individual. However, the intervention process described herein has proven overwhelmingly successful in bringing about life-changing experiences for everyone involved in the intervention.
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