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Caution, Advice and Encouragement
  • Family interventions are difficult and delicate matters and it is important that they be done properly.
  • No family intervention should be undertaken without advice and counsel of a professional experienced in the intervention process.
  • Furthermore, since people embarking on an intervention often feel ambivalent and apprehensive, it is important that they trust the interventionist. Should you ever feel uneasy with your interventionist, that you are being asked to do something you do not understand or agree with, you would be wise to stop the process and go elsewhere.

Keep in mind that family interventions vary:
Because each family situation is different, the scope and approach to each intervention must vary accordingly. What may be practical and appropriate for one family may not be for another. For example, some family interventions require several weeks of preparation, and others can be done in a few days. Most have a designated "intervention day" on which a formal intervention occurs, others not. Often a family intervention occurs in the person's home, others in a designated location. Some are a surprise, others are not. Sometimes a great deal of family education takes place before the intervention; in others it takes place afterward. One thing should never vary: All family interventions should have a certified Interventionist present.
Also, although you may want to keep your loved one close to home during their rehabilitation treatment (and sometimes there is no other choice) studies have shown the best chance for a lasting recovery is when your loved goes outside of their local environment, familiar surroundings, temptations, regular routine and daily influences.

  • A professional intervention is a catalyst for change, showing the person suffering from addiction that they have a problem, one that they cannot tackle on their own, and that they need professional help.
  • An intervention is the kindest and most loving thing family and friends can do.
  • Intervention is the most loving, powerful and successful method yet for helping people accept help.
  • A family intervention can be done with love and respect in a non-confrontational, non-judgmental manner.
  • A family intervention is often the answer, the only answer.
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