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Time is the enemy! Don't let it run out on your loved one.

The biggest misunderstanding that we see with families and spouses in regard to interventions for their loved ones is the tendency to wait (pray, wish, hope) that their loved one can somehow get better on their own. Another equally common misperception is that the right time for an intervention is after your loved one has already hit rock bottom. Tragically, at this point it is often too late and sometimes loved ones don't make it. The act of intervention raises the bottom so that the addicted individual doesn’t have to fall as far. The lucky ones who do pull through from a late stage intervention (followed by treatment) still have to return to confront the damage they have caused their loved ones, and themselves, such as: loss of job, loss of marriage, and often the loss of custody of their children. Your loved one will not get better on their own. If they could do it on their own, they would have already done it on their own! Your loved one is not weak, nor do they lack determination or will power, they are just no match to fight their addiction by themselves. Addiction is just too powerful an enemy to try and defeat alone and without professional help.
Don't wait another day to get your loved one the treatment they so desperately need. Contact us right now to arrange a professional intervention for your loved one with a recommended certified interventionist in your area.

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Time is the enemy! Don't let it run out on your loved one.